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Magnatech USA Carbon Reduction, Lower emissions, Reduce CO2
Carbon Reduction, Lower emissions, Reduce CO2 Magnatech USA Technology ™
Magnatech USA Carbon Reduction, Lower emissions, Reduce CO2
Magnatech USA Technology ™
Carbon Reduction, Lower emissions, Reduce CO2

Product Benefits

The Magnatech™ System solution is built to offer maximum flexibility, scalability and efficiency to meet your specific energy efficiency targets. Our technology supports an easy transition to an energy efficient, low carbon organisation, reducing your environmental impact.

The Magnatech™ System offers proven energy management and optimisation technology and savings for up to 95% of all Energy Consumers

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Light and heavy industry, hotels, schools, supermarkets, care homes, sports centers, factories, office blocks, hospitals - any commercial premesis with a boiler system

Installing The Magnatech™ System

  •   Contributes to meeting your carbon neutral target/quota
  •   Demonstrable cost savings in manufacture and production
  •   Initial investment is recouped within approximately 12-24 months
  •   Clear and concise pricing with no hidden extras
  •   Low cost outlay and benefits that last a lifetime
  •   Reduced complexity with easy installation
  •   No ongoing maintenance costs
  •   Independent certification of our technology
  •   Demonstrable achievements in the field with independent studies
  •   No power required

A Unique Solution

“We are proud of the unique solution we offer and that has been offered for over 14 years and welcome working with businesses that equally embrace Innovation in the Energy Saving area.”

Simon Goodchild: Managing Director Magnatech™ Technology Limited

Simon Goodchild Managing Director Magnatech™
BUPA uses Magnatec Technology
Waitrose uses Magnatec Technology
Pfizer uses Magnatec Technology
Ofgem uses Magnatec Technology
Lilly uses Magnatec Technology
Ici uses Magnatec Technology
Heinz uses Magnatec Technology
GSK uses Magnatec Technology
Bernard Matthews uses Magnatec Technology
SPM uses Magnatec Technology
Crown uses Magnatec Technology
NYNAS uses Magnatec Technology
GE uses Magnatec Technology